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The Exhibition will showcase cutting-edge products, technologies, and information for fluid drive / control, including oil hydraulics, pneumatics, and water hydraulics!

Title IFPEX2021-The 26th International Fluid Power Exhibition
Venue Tokyo Big Sight South Hall [ ]
DATE October 6 [wed] - 8[Fri], 2021 10:00-17:00
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List of Exhibitors


Oil Hydraulic Equipment
Gear pumps, Vane pumps, Piston pumps, Other pumps, Gear motors, Vane motors, Piston motors, Other motors, HST, Hydraulic cylinders, HST Actuators, Hydraulic control valves, Servo & Proportional control systems, Shock absorbers, Hydraulic Jack, Accumulators, Oil filters, Oil coolers, Hydraulic units / systems, Unique applications, Other Hydraulic related equipment and systems
(Seals, Packings, Hoses, Tubes, Joints)

Pneumatic Equipment
Cylinders, Motors, Actuators, Pressure control valves, Flow control valves, Directional control valves, Safety valves, Relief valves, Decompressing valves, Filters, Lubricators, Air driers, Compressors, Vacuum equipment, Applied equipment, Unique applications, Other pneumatic related equipment and systems (Seals, Packings, Hoses, Tubes, Joints)

Water Hydrautic Equipment (Aqua Drive System)
Positive displacement pumps, Centrifugal pumps, Motors, Cylinders, Rotary actuators, Directional control valves, Pressure control valves, Servo & Proportional valves, Other Water hydraulic related equipment and systems
(Filters, Accumulators, Water control units, Piping, Hosing, and Fitting)

Related Equipment
Sensors, Optic fibers, Electric/Electronic control, equipment, Thermostats, Liquid level gauges, Liquid level switches, Thermometers, Programmable controllers, Related PC software, Other related equipment and systems

Applied Equipment
Factory Automation equipment, Feeders, Controls, Air tools, Maintenance tools, Other applied equipment and systems


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